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Ntech Group

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2003 - NCTECH was established in Malaysia, launching the first Wireless RFID Calling System in Malaysia.

2004 - Started expansion into various countries in South East Asia such as Thailand Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

2007 - Started aggressive global expansion to various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Bosnia, Croatia and many others.

2008 - Recipient of MTDC Technology Acquisition Grant.

2009 - Introducing Walkie-Talkie System and Wireless Patient Button as part of NCTECH's Wireless Calling System Solution

2011 - Evolution of Wireless Patient Button from basic nurse/ patient calling system to a comprehensive hospital monitoring and paging system, known as Wireless Nurse Calling System. 
Introducing Car Park Security Panic Button

2012 -Obtained SIRIM QAS international RAF G/06A/0611/S(11-1121)
Introducing a customized Wireless Panic Button, integrated with PDRM Control Center 

2014- Obtained the NCTECH patent for wireless Data Alert System, Patent No: MY- 152154-A

Competitive Advantages

NCTECH has strong research & design capabilities in:
• New product creation & Innovations
• Value added features & services

Well positioned in a market poised for massive growth

• Leading example seasoned management team with experience in various industry & market 
• The partner of choice by a long list of major corporations in Malaysia, Asia as well as European Countries.

Offering market driven localized solution

• The ability to produce compelling, client-centric customized solutions. 
• Proven track record
• Continuous R&D efforts enable us to create an intelligent wireless solution.
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